Summer Programs

Bead making lesson with Newburyport Youth Services

Bead making lesson with Newburyport Youth Services

THere’s something for everyone!

The Bubble Factory offers unique, memorable and fun youth summer programs. The amazing thing about glass is the various ways to work with it. Our summer intensives give students a taste of some the the ways we work with glass and teach the basics along the way. Students will learn techniques in both studios through demonstration and practice. Some may find they love working with a team on larger pieces in the hotshop, some may prefer working on smaller, detailed pieces in the flameshop. We also offer half day sessions in either the flameshop or hotshop to for students who wish to focus on one type of glass working. Each participant will be able to make and take home their own glass art as a reminder of this extraordinary experience.



Student manipulating molten glass to make a paperweight in the hotshop.

Student manipulating molten glass to make a paperweight in the hotshop.

Student using a torch to melt glass and make a bead.

Student using a torch to melt glass and make a bead.

In the hotshop, students can make paperweight, cups and vessels. Students will work with the instructor and other students to make their very own, custom blown pieces. Students will learn to gather out of our 500lb glass furnace, use glassblowing tools, learn about how heat and gravity affect molten glass.

In the flameshop, students can create detailed pendants, beads, marbles, and small sculptures. Students will learn to use a stationary bench torch to heat, melt and shape Borosilicate glass. Using colorful “stringers” (thin strings of glass) students will draw unique designs, melt and shape glass into their very own glass pieces.

… The Nitty Gritty

  • We’re reserving every Tuesday this summer for glassblowing intensives (June 25th to July 30th)!

  • Intensives are 6h each day (9am-3pm). 12 students max.

- 3 hours in the hotshop (including instructional demo and practice) 9am-12pm

- 1 hour lunch

- 2 hours in the flameshop (including instructional demo and practice)

  • Half day sessions are available.

    - Morning session: 3h Hotshop (9am-12pm) - 6 students max.

    - Afternoon session: optional 1h lunch (noon) + 2h Flameshop (1pm-3pm) - 10 students max.

  • Ages 10+ (please fill out our Safety Waivers (Minor) and send them with your child prior to their first day - Safety Waivers for people over 18).

save by signing up for intensives

One day of our summer program teaches the basics in both studios through instructional demonstration and practice. After the first day, students may build on their skills by taking more intensives or individual classes in either studio. Purchasing one or two intensives saves you money and allows the student to learn more and progress!

One intensive $220 value for $210 (save $10)!

Two intensives $440 value for $410 (save $30)!